Thursday, September 6, 2018

To all the Crochet LOVERS... FREE Amigurumi Patterns...

It is funny you know many of us who love sewing, stitching, embroidery, knitting and crochet.
And all of these I have embraced except for crochet. I have always admired every thing crochet, even had some of you make me things because I had no idea how to start ...

Well recently a sweet lady friend of mine began stitching up crochet things, I have fallen head over heels in love with them...this wee cat that now sits on my dashboard is a constant reminder, that if she can do it so can I .... even though she has 30 years experience on me...I don't have that much time, so I best get at it lol

Friday, November 1, 2013

To a night of TERROR, date night for someone married on halloween….warning these may frighten YOU !

click on photos to see the details…amazingly detailed…
( I am drawing this one up into a pattern)

Be forewarned, this may frighten you, we were there, and I was frightened almost out of my skin…
By special invitation, I was able to get all these shots before all the wicked observers arrived…
I don't think I could have controlled my fear if it were at night….

This giant pumpkin was created by Tammy, she is a pretty amazingly wicked artist..
It stood at least 7-8 feet tall 12 feet tall..… I would like to borrow that someday for some 
wicked photo shoots with some wicked quilts…lol

Some people take Halloween to a whole different level…Tammy, her husband
and very close friends are people you just love to know from a distance…lol
No seriously she is such a lovely lady and I was wickedly pleased 
she let me join her in this wicked adventure…HOLD on to your seats
you are in for a wicked time...

If you don't like clowns, especially wicked ones…quick move on….

              Ohhhh and if you don't like wolves who like body parts..move on from this one too..

Now this bat did not scare me at all….it was dead a long time agooooo.! 

Another Tammy creation, almost as tall as the building behind it…the details
are really amazing...

This spider almost got me while in the haunted house…it was
crawling down the wall…..

                         Come feast your eyes on this..
  if you are into rotten pumpkins and rats for breakfast..I passed! 

He welcomed me, although perhaps not too happy to see me and my camera..
see the witch sneaking in the back…lol

She looked rather pretty ….she did not frighten me at all...

And I met a Clare Voyant…now surprisingly she was rather ominous

Oh the BONE family, ready for some wicked entertainment..
Looks like they may have been waiting for a long time...

This looked like a choir boy from the OHHHHH so distant past...

I thought she was such a darling…ohhh the hostesses not this wicked thing….

                           Hello Mr WRAP, how you doing, looking for new bandages?

A floating head, surely we could all use one in our home for some LIGHT entertainment! 

And who says we don't need a fortune teller who will share our deepest
dark secrets with a wicked audience…..come in closer my prettyyyyyyyy! 

YEP, close enough.! 

even the flamingos went to the dark side lol

ohhhh a wicked zombie I bumped into...

Wicked bones needed a rest..
privacy please

I just love this MR Bones, complete with top hat….and some neighbouring rats..
they grow them very large in this neighbourhood! 

NOW a love everlasting, Natasha and Damian plot…YEP that is what I am planning 
with my David, who just knows how to show a girl a good time lol
Busy burial ground….lol

Ohhhh this  is a wicked Lady I once KNEW, she really seemed nice too! 
Until you got in closer….I was close enough.
I am seriously thinking of turning her into a quilt for next year
no I am serious…lol

                                     Ohhhh and lucky us, we met a such a PRINCE!

Now this mirror, well it was full of surprises…I had my camera on sports,
and lucky enough got this image that kinda came through the mirror at
exactly the right time…wicked...

Now this looks not sooooo scary…until you see where his foot is ! 

Ohhh I managed to get a snapshot of the original owner..don't you love that he was
in such a hurry , he only managed to comb one side of his hair….

 Of course Norman Bates MUMM wanted to invite me for a bed time story…
I gave her a rain check...

Ohhh MUMMS the word here…

Lot's of MUMMY's ready to be stored for the winter…
I did not stick around too long in case they wanted to me
under wrap...

This was rather ominous, and this was a zombie with attitude!
Did not much appreciate the look she was giving me….


Apparently, DEAD doe not mean DEAD here! 

Ohhhh we were entertained by some OPERA ghost…
a lovely wicked tune at that ….

OHHHHH one more look inside…come in a little closer..nobody is watching…of course
unless you noted those eyes peering out from the walls…..eeeekk…backing up and OUT!

Ok, I did not like her much..especially when I noted a rat was climbing up inside
her pretty dress…..

RIP I don't think soooooo ----not anymore...

I was sooooooo relieved when I noted the tags….I knew this was not realllllllllll! 

Until I saw this giant web of a man and cat or something…I did not come
in close enough to check it out…that spider was flinging webs all over the place….

Ohhh there she is again…the RAT is gone….maybe on the ground somewhere….

Ohhhh and that is what we need, some family photos…reallllllly pretty darn scary if you ask me..

Booooo HOOOO when I saw this one…
She really wanted me to goooooo
and I did! But not before I thanked Tammy and her entourage for a most frightening delight...

                       Who says MY MAN does not know how to show me a wicked time…!

                                       p.s Tammy and Kathy you ROCK in Wickedness! Thank you..