Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It is a MINI day in a big WAY!

Good MORNING....Ohhhh the skies are gray but I am filled with sunny weather... I did take a spin or two yesterday at our Mini Cooper Dealership. Shaun Bos is a Specialist in MINIs but he is also a specialist in courtesy, dedication, knowledge, fairness, and extreme SWEETNESS. He will be so embarrassed when he sees this wink wink...

I think one of the greatest assets I have with dealing with millions of people in my career is I can PICK WINNERS. I knew from the moment I met Shaun, I knew his Mom very well, she was one of the dearest souls ever to fill our town with her gentle spirit. She certainly passed that on and more to her son. Our day together was really filled with excitement and very special moments, he will even tell you that.

We went from a RED mini cooper, to Peppered White and settled on this BLACK one, below Shaun... I think it best reflects my taste and style. We joked about I can always wear a RED hat, which Shaun was going to find me...but I have lots of hats, we settled on a New BAG with MINI on it...

It will be ready tomorrow...I have already contacted a company to add my logo to the side panels
and link to MUFFIN TO LOSE on the bumper.